Brenda's gaze is unwavering

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So long as we're back at the hotel before they get up for breakfast, they're none the wiser. Brenda looks flushed as she tries to flatten down the creases in her mini dress. She brushes my arm with her fingertips.

The chain is held by his female partner who's in a grey mac and purple stilettos. Our host Max Diamond reappears.

Then she pulls a vibrator out of her pocket and begins stimulating herself. He looks across at us, smiles and shrugs his shoulders. We come out here twice a year, though we don't dare to get involved in swinging back home. One of the most infamous sex dens is the Eden in Benalmadena, half-way between Malaga and Marbella, and close to Torremolinos.

You'll end swapping partners, I guarantee. Three men surround her while her partner stays on all fours and looks up longingly. He watches as Brenda kisses the woman while her hand wanders across the man's trousers. Jan says they are professional sex therapists.

Then she pulls aHe looks across at us