Shift console was all original

Corvette dating

The casting number is located on the right side near the prop shaft. Both engines breathed through an intake that was now in front of and above the radiator instead of at the cowl near the windshield. Testing the speedometer with a cordless drill showed both the odometer and trip odometer still worked perfectly.

Headlight motors still had the original

It's an area that gets sand blasted from road dirt. With any engine still having ignition shielding on, you have a very hard time to see the date. Who has demi lovato and discussion. When checking mileage for believeability we look for consistancy. Transmission Casting numbers are on both the main body and the tailshaft housing, usually on the right side.

Styling and equipment changes

The grill has some very minor pitting but is considered to be in excellent condition. These were production cars produced by a lot of guys who wanted to punch out and go home, not artists creating an American legend.

Styling and equipment changes from the previous year were virtually nonexistent. Headlight motors still had the original Delco ink date codes. It is now in the Corvette Museum. The accompanying photos and captions illustrate what happens when these principles arent followed assiduously. Yet they kept a continuous supply of fuel accumulating behind the intake valves, ready and waiting for the valves to open, avoiding the fuel sloshing common to carburetors back then.