The girdle has a metal zipper

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The Corset Chick offers corsets in all sizes including plus sizes. Undated labels of the same size are pre and this seems to be the last date that the satin-elastic girdles were manufactured. In order to do an excellent job of making comprehensive videos, patterns, printed materials and kits, I would have to take months off work as a corsetiere. So this year, of course, was no different.

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All the elastic panels are made of satin elastic so there is no evidence of either lycra or rubber-based materials. This post-dates the black label but still pre-dates the introduction of washing symbols.

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Oh, when we meet it was Friday the thirteenth. This is not a modification, it was the way it was made, which is odd since the rear suspenders take far more strain than the front ones. Hand made corsets are very labor-intensive, time-consuming and can be pretty expensive.

Each corsette is carefully assembled by our skilled artisans and craftsmen to create a one of a kind finished product that is both stylish and durable. Many talented, hard-working people have become jobless or under-emplyed over the years. This can then be used as a yard-stick by which to judge others. So I was really happy when I got a chance to review a corset from Corset Chick.

Not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask me for corset-making instruction and resources. Many others work jobs they hate. Spirella developed a completely new line of girdles in to cope with the larger, modern woman.

The girdle has a metal zipper. Our unique collection of renaissance women clothing is perfect for balls, special period events, and costumed occasions. We celebrate every milestone in our lives, in our marriage, in everything. Thank you for supporting my desire to share the secrets of my craft with the world. This label is on a very old-fashioned girdle.

Be sure to check out the amazing hand-made rewards I am offering to supporters. We ordered the corset and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. No monetary compensation was received.

Anything rubber-based is notoriously prone to rot in ultra-violet light or in contact with hydrocarbons. Our magnificent Jenyns satin corset has metal-centred suspenders at the front and more modern ones at the back. Contrary to popular belief, most modern corsetieres are no longer wildly competitive. All opinions expressed are that of my own.