Consolidating supervisory

Consolidating supervisory

Section C outlines the conduct of supervisory activities used to maintain a comprehensive understanding and assessment of each firm. These expectations should be fully reflected in recovery and resolution planning. This includes the transmission of financial, operational, legal, compliance, or reputational risks that may undermine public confidence in the financial strength of its banking offices.

The Federal Reserve applies additional supervisory expectations, and undertakes related activities, to address identified concerns including areas subject to formal or informal enforcement action. This requires financial resilience by maintaining sufficient capital and liquidity, and operational resilience by maintaining effective corporate governance, risk management, and recovery planning.

This strategy must not pose systemic risk and must exclude reliance on extraordinary support from the United States or any other government to prevent failure of the firm. It also incorporates macroprudential considerations to reduce potential threats to the stability of the financial system and to provide insights into financial market trends. This letter sets forth a new framework for the consolidated supervision of large financial institutions.

This strategy must not pose systemic

The Recommendation is updated in case new information becomes available and if new authorities are assessed. Some respondents would like to see the role of the consolidating supervisor further enhanced, but this was not possible under the legal framework created by the new Capital Requirements Directive.

Maintain sound risk measurement and modeling capabilities, supported by comprehensive data collection and analysis, independent validation, and effective governance, policies, and controls. Additional supervisory and operational guidance will be developed to support implementation of the framework and to assess the progress of firms in meeting these expectations.

It also incorporates macroprudential