Used for balance sheet accounts

Consolidating balance sheet foreign currency

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The company should not contain transactions. Equity items other than retained earnings use the spot rates on transaction dates, i. Exchange rate Typical use Average Rate Manual You manually calculate the average rate for the period to consolidate. If dimensions information was also exported, dimension codes and dimension values are also included. It is good to note that consolidated financial statements shall include all subsidiaries of the parent company.

Open the consolidated company. Consolidating financial data may especially be relevant in connection with intercompany processes. When a subsidiary is deconsolidated, any retained noncontrolling equity investment in the former subsidiary should be initially measured at fair value. For example, this is useful if you frequently run the report.

Choose the Closing Rate action

Differences are posted to separate general ledger accounts. For business units, if the Currency Exchange Rate Table field on the business unit card contains Local, you can change the exchange rate from the business unit card. If you don't need advanced settings, such as including a company that you only own part of, you can use the Company Consolidation assisted setup guide to quickly set up a consolidation. Choose the icon, enter Business Units, and then choose the related link. For example, whether account numbers or dimension codes are different.

Choose the Closing Rate action. Choose whether to create a new consolidated company, or whether to consolidate the data in a company that you have already created for the consolidation. Fill in the required fields.

To run the consolidation After you have tested the data, you can transfer it to the consolidated company. In other words, it is the legal combination of two or more corporations in which only one survives as a legal entity. Closing Rate Used for balance sheet accounts.