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Colt mkiv series 70 dating

Samuel Colt is synonymous with some of the best, not to mention the most classic, of all model pistols. At the forward end of its travel, the slide locks into the barrel and is ready to fire again. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it. Colt shipped these with an Accurizer barrel and bushing.

An improved M variant becoming available in the future is a possibility. The metal buckle and fittings were in gilded brass. Self Posts require a descriptive body text. It was composed of a leather belt, leather enclosed flap-holster with braided leather tie-down leg strap, leather two-pocket magazine pouch, and a rope neck lanyard. Introduced the accurized Split Barrel Bushing collet bushing.

Replacement sights, grips, and other aftermarket accessories are the most commonly offered parts. This adds weight to the front of the pistol, but does not increase accuracy, and does make the pistol slightly more difficult to disassemble. The gun had many features unheard of in a factory pistol.

Six thousand rounds were fired from

Pound for pound, these are probably some of the best vintage s out there that walk that fine line between shooter and collectable. Navy special operations operatives. Gold Cups will have an obvious roll mark on both sides of the slides and barrel, so get to looking closely. The bluing on these guns is very deep and reflective, which was very different from military Parkerization. Marine Corps decided to withdraw the M from use by special operators.

The M officially replaced a range of revolvers and pistols across branches of the U. This is what set the whole series apart from what came before it. Older guns, naturally, are more collectable but the entire series at this point is considered vintage. Russia purchased more M pistols than any other country besides the U.

It was used during Desert Storm in specialized U. Six thousand rounds were fired from a single pistol over the course of two days. Some modifications include installing compensators and the addition of accessories such as tactical lights and even scopes. Both came with a black leather belt, open holster with retaining strap, and a two-pocket magazine pouch.

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