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Education Institutions simply run better on Classe unified platform. Educator intuitive, district-wide online curriculum development and dissemination. Learn more about Clofus Education management system with features to assist with attendance, messages, analytics, and marks.

An educational institute is a place where the management, the students, the parents and the faculty are identified as stake holders. Agent Management Financial, billing, performance and contact Management. Scheduling Provides tools for scheduling classes based on student and teacher availability. Several solutions on the market include analytics tools.

Learn more about class a scheduler. Integrated Financials Student, Agent, Homestay accounts, scheduled payments, invoices, receipting, credits, debits, revenue calculated by day. Vargache offers complete solution for your Institute. Suitable for both course based and program based environments. Learn more about Chancellor.

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Handling student information, payments and other administrative tasks manually can be overwhelming, especially for midsize and large educational institutions. Provides tools for scheduling classes based on student and teacher availability. Learn more about Campus Medicine. Learn more about Registromat. Learn more about Classteacher Learning System.

Solution for academic administration. Destiny One is a customer lifecycle management software made for higher education administrators serving non-traditional students. Interactive online orientation software for students, employees, and volunteers for education, corporate, and non-profit. Just one step away from selecting the right software. Classe acknowledge that every student is unique.

Thank you for the enquiry. Learn more about Educando. Learn more about AdminOnline. Classe gives teachers the power to create online quizzes and tests with varying question types like Multiple Choice, Open Ended or fill in the blanks. Learn more about One to One Plus.

Learn more about AchieveMore. Kindly fill out the below details to avail the best offers from our Software Partner! Automation of routine tasks.

Some vendors also provide an integrated accounting application. Learn more about TimeSaver Tardy Generate an electronic record associated with a tardy, immediately printing a hall pass for the student. Learn more about Student Management Software. These systems also come with relatively low upfront costs. Customization requirements.

Allocate homestay placements and airport transfers and schedule payments. All your agent information stored in the one place.

EBECAS - College Administration Software

An online college management software system. Learn more about Attendance online An online college management software system. International student application management and admission system for universities and colleges. Learn more about Arc-en-Ciel A high-performance software solution for educational center management, administration, and marketing. Dynamically schedule, communicate and track academic enrichment and intervention sessions, computer games full version cricket 2010 simplifying program administration.

Features include library management, attendance tracking, and payroll functions. Learn more about Class Registrar Server-based training management software to help you manage curriculums, courses and scheduled classes. Learn more about Blue Course Evaluation. Learn more about Campus Management.

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Learn more about Priority Time Software. Integrated and comprehensive platform for educational institutions to manage their complete institute. Open-source solutions often provide basic modules for free, offering more advanced functionality and support at a cost. Server-based training management software to help you manage curriculums, courses and scheduled classes. Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities.

Lead Management Identify students who are interested in the courses offered by your institute. Online student performance management evaluation, analysis and reporting platform. Buyers from large institutions should look for solutions that offer high levels of customization.

Includes contact database, admission management, development, report cards, camps and payments. The way you teach matters Education Institutions simply run better on Classe unified platform.

Learn more about Classpie. Learn more about Campus Pro. Learn more about Registration Gateway.

Classe displays aggregate behavioral patterns and suggests appropriate actions to take in case of anomalous behavior. Helps users manage the admissions process, from accepting applications to enrolling students. Learn more about Scholastico. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started. Manage orders, stock, offer discounts and keep track of sales with our integrated online E-Commerce platform.

Learn more about Ellucian. We choose Classe for its intuitive interface, its module based pricing and customisation options.

Classe helped us embrace a digital teaching and learning environment in new ways. Best of all the app is free to use. Learn more about EduAdmin. Send sms and email messages in bulk using templates with personalised data.

EduSec College Management System

Learn more about Archivist Online. It helps in improving operational effectiveness and bringing down administrative costs. Learn more about Classter. Web based - works on all computers. We help to make sure no student is left behind with the addition of this student management system module.