Coldplay - Paradise

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She feels the pain of the process, life keeps turning, and one too delicate is broken by the cycle. We just haven't found the end of our tunnel yet. You have a wife and a girlfriend? May be the paradise in her eyes is the normality others take for granted.

This is how I feel about the song. Getting in touch with your soul. Having got on board the plane and hiding in a suitcase, he gets to Cape Town. Thus right now, she tried to imagine the paradise she couldn't achieve.

You wanna scream, laugh, cry, fly! The band's lead singer Chris Martin created the video's concept storyline, which was ultimately filmed in the style of a nature documentary. It gives her the strength to make it through each day because she knows she will one day be in paradice. This is my meaning of the song. And she eventually comes to terms with the fact that although her life will never be what she dreamed of, it's better to live in the real world.

Select Platinum in the Certification field. Learn more More Like This. Sad to discover that most marriages are like these nowadays.

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When she grew up she realized this couldn't be true and she dreamed of when everything was innocent. One night when she was a teen she contemplated suicide to get away from it all. There was a girl who have so much dreams and ambitions. This is, then, the hope the song provides. When I first heard this song, I thought of her.

Though it really speaks differently to each of us, my take to this song is simple. She still dreams about paradise and wishes it would get better. But she never got what she truly wanted from this world. Recording Industry Association of America. For those who haven't seen it i'll tell you.

In my opinion paradise is everywhere you just have to open your eyes to see it. If you love your wife isn't it being unfaithful if you also have a girlfriend? If you don't love your wife then at least be honest with her that you have a girlfriend. This song is about a place somewhere else that is good, perfect, comfortable, and everything else that makes us feel welcome, happy, and at peace. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.

It's about today's society. She has a realization that it has to get worse before it gets better and looks forward to a better day.


Actly many things in this world are out of our control, n are vry annoying. Then she tells herself she has to make the world positive, not wait around for it to do it itself. But when I got to ages or where I am now I now understand that it isn't it brought me great depression.

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As life goes on it gets harder and as it goes it breaks her. That it can be paradise now. Yet, despite constant struggle she's still carrying the hope the she will reach her paradise one day. Time must have gone on and he dumped her.

And when she lies under the cloudy skies, she knows that there should be tomorrow, but it will be just like any other day because the sun is always set to rise. Crime, injustice, mallice, cruelty n all dat n we want d world to b beautiful. Although every action has an equal and opposite reaction, love is never-ending.

Paradise - Coldplay

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As soon as I heard this song I wanted to learn it on piano i play. Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Kad si mlad sve ti se cini tako daleko I nemoguce ali dio po dio ukoliko si uporan ti ces ostvariti I onda ce sve biti uredu. Paradise is the allowing of that butterfly to be born. The stormy nights that she closes her eyes to are the rough patches in her life that she tries to hide from or to look away from.

So as long as we keep on dreaming big and trying to reach those dreams despite these obstacles, we shall finally find paradise. There are so many troubles nowadays - and there are many who don't know how to deal - so we can only dream of our ideal life, our paradise, within our sleep. Synced by Ignacio Gonzalez. We both took separate paths, and life took over. It features the band performing the song, with a laser show, in front of a staged audience, mostly local college students.

Coldplay Paradise Lyrics

Paradise - Coldplay

The only way we can ever even dream about paradise in the first place is because jesus has placed that desire in our hearts. Google monarch mind control programming and learn about its symbolism. Life isn't always showering you with gifts. For creating an album this hudge, tis great.

She went on, still dreaming, and met a guy. So she often visits the paradise to feel the person she was a quite bach inspite of killing herself in the pain in reality.

British Phonographic Industry. But us humans are lucky enough to be given the ability to dream and fantasize about a perfect place that fits our desires.

Paradise meanings Post my meaning Best Recent meanings U. This girl matures and realizes how corrupt everything is. And she escapes through her dreams of paradise whenever she feels sad or afraid. Najbolje da ovo napisem na jeziku na kojem ce me shvatiti moji zemljaci, pjesma je odlicna I govori po mom misljenju o tome da zivot je lijep, samo ako smo mi spremni da ga uljepsamo.

Coldplay Paradise Lyrics

This song may have just saved my life so thank you coldplay. Coldplay your lyrics all mean something to me, your music makes me the happiest I could ever be. At the beginning of the video, Coldplay's lead singer, Chris Martin, walks through Sydney's streets dressed as a one-man band, apple ox lion singing the first verse of the song. That's what paradise means to me.

That's what I think this song is trying to explain. People wish the world was a great place but a lot of the time it's not.