The rest get no info about you

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You are free to have a formal or a lighthearted chat, it's up to you. QuackQuack has been a success to make dating in Mumbai more popular than what it was earlier. But we've just added an ice breaker idea which helps make interactions more chilled out and less formal. It has the same uncool as internet dating when it first flickered into our lives. Just I would have preferred that everybody had the full name on their name tag.

And dating in Mumbai has existed for a very long time. However, there are people who have not had the opportunity to date others. The rest get no info about you.

But only those applicants who are approved, after a screening process, are invited to the event. It felt great talking freely like that. The jury is still out on this one. We will be experimenting with that time slot.

Another tedious impediment, adds Shetty, was the lack of commitment. How we screen Applicants are screened for personality and professional qualifications. All current events have singles sitting face to face. Moving back to the city after years of globe trotting, Sandeep Shetty was stung when he was cut dead in a club by a woman whom he went over to say hello to after an hour of mutual checking out.

It's the quickest way to meet the singles you like and skip the rest. That gives me the rest of the day for other plans. To keep out the weirdoes, there was a rigorous filtering process.

We value relationship responsibilities. Everyone stuck to the rules and behaved well. Users can chat, make friendship and also meet each other. It obviously wasn't going to work like that. Good choice of location too.

No contact info is exchanged. Meet Singles for Dating in Mumbai Prev. There's a feeling that you're being watched and that's not a nice thing. The ones you liked get your email.

Only by invitation Anybody can applyIn Mumbai it's strange

Only by invitation Anybody can apply for no cost. In Mumbai, it's strange because there's a lot of flirting with the eyes but no one crosses the fence and tries to say hello or chat.

Also, a person's last name can sometimes make us judge even before we interact with them. So basically there was nuthin really that I did not like.