So, he think his hometown is Ilsan

Cnblue minhyuk and krystal dating

But actually he is

MinHyuk is not really into fashion before, he got many influence from the fashion enthusiastic Yonghwa and Jungshin. When minhyuk writing lyrics or composing, and he get stuck in the middle, he usually bite his hands and shake his legs.

Minhyuk naturally likes older women because he also has an older sister that treats him well. Sometimes MinHyuk sweat a lot during performance and keep wiping his face, and people were asking if he was crying.

But actually he is quiet and manly. Weak point is that I have no other attraction beside smiling face. Minhyuk like anime, such as Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. Minhyuk listen to others music to get inspiration. Minhyuk said that he feels more comfortable on stage without camera.

Minhyuk likes football, baseball and also travelling. Minhyuk said his favorite behavior or face expression of women is when she gaze his eyes. Minhyuk ever left home and went to sauna, stayed there till evening because he got bad score. Minhyuk can act of getting angry. Then I think by myself again.

Weak point is