This process has already begun

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The committee decided to hold the hearings despite indications from welfare minister Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi that she was committed to implementing the new system. Cosatu proposed that the status quo of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act in respect of pay for work performed on a Sunday, be extended to all workers. Another option would be a mixture of a federal and a unitary structure with greater powers for Cosatu regions and locals.

The first round of annual negotiations with engineering employer association Seifsa began at the end of April. This obsession appears to have tinted the spectacles of the drafters of the Green Paper. On laws that will not affect provinces, one vote per delegate is allowed.

On all legislation directly affecting provinces there is an allocation of one vote per province. We reiterate our call for an Alliance process leading to a conference or summit on employment creation. Another weakness is a lack of interaction between the centre and affiliates.

Last year Workers Forums were held in Cosatu regions to give workers and union structures the opportunity to make their voices heard and to give their submissions to the Commission. But employers have been adamant that there should not be negotiations on this, merely consultation. Two interns, each from a different affiliate, will be deployed at a time, for a week period. We remain opposed to Export Processing Zones. In addition, the federation has limited implementation and coordination structures.

This was essential to increased job creation, the federation said. The programme is due to start in May. Instead of addressing the core issues, such a step would escalate conflict and have a negative impact on industrial relations. Strategies for the development of Southern Africa must not be at the expense of suppression of worker rights. In our masses the union moved to the Cape to be part of this historic occasion.

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Many see the judgement as potentially undermining mass action as a way of putting pressure on negotiating parties or to mobilise members alongside the negotiations process. It will have to work out how to participate effectively in the public participation process in the provincial and national legislation in the interests of the working class. Attempts to close the apartheid wage gap in the mining industry took the form of a three-legged wage demand to address disparities between white and blue collar workers. Joint campaigns such as Masakhane and the anti-crime campaign as well as the strength of alliance structures were also assessed. Western culture had to lean to accommodate traditional culture.

According to Cosatu

The interns will help strengthen the Cosatu parliamentary office, which has recently expanded to a four-person operation with the employment of an additional researcher, Oupa Bodibe. The summit looked at how to improve working relations at national, provincial and local level as well as a joint media strategy.

But employers have so far refused to budge, saying the present set up of control is working well. According to Cosatu assistant general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi, the Summit took stock of developments since the April elections.