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Forbidding especially well-qualified experts from opining on ultimate issues would lead to absurd results, by incentivizing litigants to search out less qualified experts. However, in opining that defendant possessed intent to distribute, witnesses ran afoul of Fed. Law enforcement agents may testify on drug jargon, but their opinions must be based on sufficient facts or data. Law enforcement agents may rely on field experience rather than scientific training in testifying to such matters, and witness did not impermissibly opine on defendant's intent. But defense counsel were free to explore such issues on cross-examination, and did so.

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Agents who participated in investigation are not thereby barred from testifying as experts. Standards Committee for the Fortran programming language. Jury convicts narcotics defendant after police officers testify as experts re methods of drug dealers. District court overrules objection and defendant is convicted. District court did not abuse its discretion in concluding that this constituted lay opinion, not expert opinion.

Testimony's probative value outweighed any prejudicial effects, and agent was properly testifying as expert, so that restrictions on lay opinion testimony did not apply. He's got the Elvis look, the moves and he sings very good.

Testimony's probative value

Defendant moves to exclude her testimony on theory that chemist employed unreliable sampling method. At sentencing phase of drug trial, U. Defendant raised no objection at trial. But no study has shown otherwise either, and technique has long enjoyed general acceptance in forensic community.