Joey Essex and Frankie Essex

Chloe sims and elliott wright dating after divorce

Elliott was grinning wildly covered in lipstick after their snogging-fest at the ceremony but the smile was quickly wiped off his face when the pair began arguing and Chloe got upset. She also owns Mercedes car which she garages in her luxurious house. It seems it's probably best for them to have a cooling off period after things got pretty heated. They were spotted spending holidays in swanky French resort. They were spotted together spending a romantic date in different places.

However, the couple maintains a good relationship with each other for their daughter. She was snapped with smudged eye make-up looking upset in the back seat of the cab as she clutched her smashed white iPhone. Joey Essex and Frankie Essex. Chloe was crying and looked very upset.

But later, Elliott apparently claimed that his relationship with Chloe was just for the television. But now, she is taken as a primary cast member of the show.

Their relationship did not last long. She lives in her luxurious house which cost more than a million.

She lives in her luxuriousTheir relationship did