They would make a great couple

Chidinma and flavour dating quotes

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It feels great and it is a motivation for me to keep working hard on my music and also my body. However, Chidinma, also known as Miss Kedike, said there is no romantic relationship between her and Flavour. Talent is never enough as one has to put in a lot of work as well.

Tekno Miles The beautiful sensational singer also dated the years-old handsome Nigerian rapper, Tekno Miles. These people you are mentioning are colleagues that I respect a lot. It was alleged that the singer proposed to her but he later denied the rumours. It was wonderful and I had a good time then. They made a great couple together.

She has to be someone who knows the difference between Flavour and Chinedu. He also told me that if I want to make a difference in my career, I have to be responsible, disciplined, and constantly hone my skill. In other words, they look more like a couple than business partners.

It taught me a lot about the job and how to be a professional. Stardom has robbed me of a lot of things but I believe that, in life, there is no gain without pain. With the recent sensational collabos with Chidinma and Flavour Fans are curious whether they are dating or not. It was also reported that she is pregnant for the singer. There is no point regretting anything in life.

Their curiosity is emanating from the romantic collabos they have had recently. There have been times I go to some African countries to perform and the stadiums are usually filled up, with some people even crying. The two has not yet come clean about the rumours. Yes, it is something I have always wanted to do.

But the music scholarship that I got really helped me. Every ingredient has to be in the right proportion for it to come out well.

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It was quite tough in the early stage but because I had made up my mind never to give up until I achieved my dream, I kept working hard at it. But the relationship soon reached it end and she mentioned that dating Dammy was immature and was not the right step to take. The pictures speak for itself. That way, I get to learn a lot of important things.