Bad blood between family members

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This is a card for looking past the romantic aspect of relationships to the vitally important area of finances and assets. Family genes are important for couples considering starting a family. There could be a prenuptial agreement.

Here we have an ambitious couple who are financially comfortable. Yes, to guarding your assets. If you have done something to hookup tpope shame dating queen of pentacles on your partner, or their family, you may be ostracised or cast out of your home. You have possibly dating queen of pentacles with family tradition. No if routine dating queen of pentacles you to distraction.

You might be considering marriage or settling down to start a family. You have quite a serious but practical approach to relationships and love. No to thinking that this could not happen to you.

No, if family events and celebrations are not your thing. You might be better off on your own. Lack of stability and security is suggested with break-ups and family homes being divided. Marrying for money can also be suggested.

Here we haveYes to guarding your