Chetyre tankista i sobaka online dating

Chetyre tankista i sobaka online dating

However, she believes that weddings are beautiful and if she ever had one it would be the biggest in Africa. Some fans believe that she gets into a relationship just to remain relevant and as a publicity stunt.

The relationship between Vera Sidika and Yommy was all blissful and joyful in the beginning. Vera Sidika will keep you guessing on who her next man will be and the day she will be married will be a really sad day for those lusting and wanting a piece of this curvaceous socialite. And because she introduced Yommy through Instagram, she also exposed him to the same social media platform. The gorgeous video vixen is not one to listen to other people talking and always does what makes her happy.

After having a boob job in California, Vera is still not happy with the results and regrets the decision. They say spoken words are so powerful, so Vera may have caused her own misfortunate. Yommy, a Dubai businessman, then went on to leak nude pictures of Vera Sidika and claimed that he was the one that dumped Vera and not the other way around.

Or the men she dates are the ones that are not husband material. Vera Sidika pictures often show her amazing figure and what most fail to realize is that it takes money to look that good. Vera Sidika before and after While socialites such as Vera Sidika look good even after plastic surgery, what most people fail to realize is that it comes with its own risks and regrets. Vera Sidika has a hard time finding love Vera Sidika dating life has its own share of controversies. Cosmetic surgery is not for every lady who wants to improve her looks.

The relationship between Vera SidikaVera Sidika will keep you

She then went on to date another Nigerian tycoon, and while visiting the mysterious man in his home country, Vera Sidika pictures showed off an expensive Rolex.

Her dream to achieve the perfect body came to pass when she had boobs surgery from one of the top plastic surgeons in California. However, many of her friends and people who knew Vera Sidika boyfriend at that time were not happy and warned Vera to be cautious with the man. Vera Sidika loves cosmetic surgery Most people are against bleaching and any cosmetic surgery that might change who you are, but not Vera Sidika.