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As far as his personal life is concerned, he is unmarried but has three public relations. Wormald is a successful dancer than an actor.

But later, both of them confirmed that they are no more together. There are no any controversies and issues related to their relationship.

But in a strange way it still works, it makes it brainless cinema where you just watch what happens rather than really concentrating on it. As such it plays out in a predictable and less than believable manner as Kate makes a life for herself, finds love, feels betrayed and is about to give up on her dream yadaa yadaa yadaa. Since, the actor Kenny had many relationships and affairs but there is no any rumors and news related to his marriage. In actor Kenny was in the relationship with Ashley Roberts.

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After his two break ups, he started his relationship with Danielly Silva. From the early age, he was eager and confident to show off his dance performances. Unfortunately whilst one teacher loves her fire and passion she fails to get in loosing out to Suzanne Von Stroh Sarah Jayne Jensen who comes from a wealthy and influential family. According to the source, he is not interested to get married soon.

Wormald is a successful dancer than