Even more so as a first attempt

Celina dating game walkthrough

Great game, just finish the short scene. This I am making in Unity. People do often like achievements in any form, but I think they are better when one can see them before achieving them. There are only four in this game. And I would have wanted to, but that would have been a lot more work and honestly I wanted to finish this game and move on.

You're right I

Be warned, Teagan is the jealous type so tread carefully. You're right, I could have extended that a bit.

It's solely on the sex scene. All of my current and future games will be released here. Hence why Celina is wearing the same shirt in both parts of the project. Even more so as a first attempt.

The second game I am working on is the new and improved Uni Dreams. If you want to see how the new games are going check our my Patreon. Super who wrote these games has now retired from sexy games and moved on. Or rather, when Celina starts kissing you. After some initial success you're able to afford a house which you decide to share together.

Be warned Teagan is the jealous