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Much like other star wrestlers, this diva also holds a ton of rumors and controversies. None of us are gonna get near them anyway so just enjoy the view from very very afar. She was the replacement for Vickie's original rookie, Aloisia, whom Vickie fired in storyline. She clearly works hard on them.

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Kaitlyn managed two eliminations before she was eliminated, with her team ultimately losing the match. Her real name is Celeste Bonin. While many car enthusiasts have other parts of the picture to admire, you need look no further than Kaitlyn. Rest assured, many men are picking Kaitlyn over the car. The Chickbusters were again defeated in a rematch against Fox and Tamina the following week.

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Kaitlyn always seems to know when to leave just the right amount of mystery in her self-photo shoots. The following week on SmackDown, Eve won the assistant job when she defeated Kaitlyn. Two days later on Twitter, Kaitlyn announced that she was officially breaking up the Chickbusters. With her perfectly toned legs and ample derriere, she has it all.

The feud between the two continued with them attempting to distract each other to gain leverage. This picture drives us crazy with the tight shorts wrapped around her and she also leaves some mystery by leaving her back to the camera. Anyway, Bonin had a bodybuilding and fitness background prior to her wrestling career and she has now used that to jump start her Celestial Bodiez fitness clothing company.

Despite her retire from wrestling she is always visible in the eye of media in one way or another. The couple tied a knot in and currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida. She had the aim of starting business that included many of her passion which leaded her to establish such different companies. Kaitlyn later stated that the wrestler that attacked her at the Night of Champions pay-per-view was blonde, leading to Beth Phoenix becoming the suspected attacker. The duo were accompanied by Natalya, who became a mentor of sorts to the pair.