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The rules below are some of the exact directions on how to play Big Box Carcassonne. Each meeple is a see-through acrylic of a different color to represent a phantom. This is the first expansion that does not include tiles, and is also the first time meeples have been released in plastic.

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Find out by playing the exciting game of Big Box Carcassonne and find out who will be victorious. Four siege tiles where Cathars break city walls. Not all possible tile configurations exist in the game. King and Robber Baron tiles used to keep track of who built the largest road and city.

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However, if the city or road is not completed, it has zero value. Be sure to train them well, they will be the basis for your success. The greatest divergence in scoring rules between the editions of Carcassonne is in scoring for fields.

However, once placed, they are there for the whole game. That isn't exactly as easy as it seems though so be sure to check out the details in the game rules. The result is the opponent's follower is stuck in something half-completed. Resulting in adjusted scoring when completed. Count meeple to be placed in the city of Carcassonne.