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Carbon dating animations

The curves may not look as if they joined up if you plotted them because you tend to choose a scale that uses all your graph paper. This is actually very small. The white dots show how particles move with the ice which are initially randomly distributed over the ice surface. The radioactivity halves with each half-life.

And this chance never changes

Different samples of the same isotope all have the same half-life The half-life of a particular isotope is always the same. Carbon is produced in the upper atmosphere by cosmic rays. You have my permission and the permission of the publishers to do so.

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But you have no idea which one will decay first. And this chance never changes. If the chance of decay is high, the nuclei decay quickly, the graph is steep and the half-life is short.

This has an identical shape to the graph of radioactivity against time. As we move right from there, x increases.