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Can atonement come by prayer or devotion to a Bodhisattva or a Buddha? If someone has ten times more good works than bad works, then he or she still has bad works on the conscience. But morality by its very nature requires personality. If Buddhism asserts that reality is not ultimately personal and the distinctions between good and evil are not actually real, then Buddhism does not have a true foundation for ethics.

Second, the Christian Scriptures are historically outstanding, deserving serious consideration. Whatever departs from His goodness is actually evil. Siddhartha Guatama, the historical Buddha also called Sakyamuni, stands out among them for having special wisdom and a profound philosophy of life. With Buddhism, karma is the framework for morality.

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And what grounds would there be for living a morally good life as opposed to an amoral life without regard for moral distinctions, or an inactive life avoiding moral choices as much as possible? One could not even love unless one had a degree of attachment in desiring someone else's well-being. We do not have to rely on some fleeting experience, nor do we rely on our own good works or fervent meditation.

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Furthermore, He was resurrected, proving that not even death could conquer Him. How can we reject such a precious gift? It is akin to a law of nature. Sin is sometimes understood as ignorance.

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Even if those characters could offer forgiveness, it seems like sin would still be left unpaid. Thank you for sacrificing yourself for me. So, what does this mean for you?

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If you deny that, then obviously neither one of them practices their beliefs therefore it never really mattered. Jesus deserves special consideration. Concerning our sinfulness, when we are honest with ourselves we all know that we have sinned. Again, you fail to understand the importance of religion in relationships. What happens to these remaining bad works?

Jesus is the perfect sacrifice for your sins. It is sinful if one does not see or understanding reality as Buddhism defines it.

Nor is Jesus simply an answer among many others. Can atonement come by adherence to karmic principles? He was crucified on our behalf, a substitute for us, and a covering, or atonement, for our sins. Concerning forgiveness, to simply forgive sin at no cost treats sin like it is not of much consequence even though we know that to be false. No sin goes unpunished, but the punishment has already been satisfied in Christ's personal sacrifice on the cross.

God became man, lived a perfect life, and died the death that we deserved. None of these can undo the sin we've done. But Jesus also stands out, and He has confirmed His spiritual teachings with a test that only divine power could pass. Whole book copies surface by A. But some admittedly good things are based on the idea of desire.

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To illustrate, consider the morality of a rock. Sacrificing desire altogether seems to throw out the proverbial baby love with the dirty bathwater suffering. Many have started religious movements. From where can atonement rise?

For Buddhists, however, ultimate reality is not understood as personal. Third, top successful dating sites Christian ethics has a stronger foundation than Buddhist ethics.

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Now this isn't to say that other Atheists or mixed belief-based relationships can't succeed, but it would require a compromise of beliefs that puts each other at stake. If you want to receive Jesus as your Savior, simply speak to God, verbally or silently, and tell Him that you receive the gift of salvation through Jesus. God will forgive your sins, cleanse your soul, renew your spirit, give you abundant life in this world, and eternal life in the next world. Usually one has to conform to the other greatly.

Only when Christ pays our sin debt and we place our faith in Him can we be saved. Truth be told, not really. Buddhism lacks the personal framework for moral duty.

Having all the books of the New Testament initially written within the times of eyewitnesses means that the books did not have time to devolve into myth and folklore. All the world's religions have some level of truth in them, but ultimately, Jesus is the only answer to the human condition. The multiplicity of manuscripts allows for a tremendous research base by which we can test the texts against each other and identify what the originals said. Are they just forgiven as if they were not a big deal in the first place?

In contrast, Christianity teaches that desire is good when it is properly directed. Why should I consider becoming a Christian? Christianity has an answer for sin. Compared with Buddhism, Christianity has several distinguishing features that show that it deserves consideration.

One could even say that the history of the Bible is so compelling that to doubt the Bible is to doubt history itself since the Bible is the most historically verifiable book of all antiquity. One could just as easily continue reading the morning paper after realizing his house was on fire. Only then is sin covered, hope assured, and life filled with eternal meaning. Are they permitted into bliss?

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