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Cam Chain Adjustment was also introduced in the same year. Front Steerer, a three-track tricycle with loop frame, and the B. The steering was very erratic owing to the short wheel-base. These returned machines are shown with a cross at the beginning of the despatch book record, they then reappear at the end of the book with the revised despatch date. Free Wheel Clutch and the B.

Sometimes they were despatched months earlier or later so the lettering system should just be taken as a rough guide. Fittings on a higher plane, and to a great extent prevent bicycles built with B. This year also saw the introduction of the standard pattern Spring Frame which was supplied to the trade complete. The management believed that this would not only create a greater demand for B. One tricycle embodied a free-wheel Vernum's patent.

Handlebars were also manufactured at this time, and the famous B. Fittings for Military Bicycles, and the majority of bicycles used by the War Office from that time onward were built of B. Up till then the use of rim brakes had been confined to the front wheel. Amongst road racing cyclists, two representative B. It is noteworthy that, during the following years, many famous racing men made some of their finest records on these machines.

Hitherto only cycle agents were supplied with complete machines bearing an agent's transfer. This year saw the introduction of the practice of slotting B. He then mounted the machine in the Board Room, rode it down the stairs, and so out into the roadway.

This machine was a rear-driven three-tracker, propelled by a reciprocal motion. Many extraordinary rides were accomplished by C. In view of the somewhat altered conditions of the trade, it was considered advisable to manufacture a complete B.

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This type, however, did not find much favour with the riding public of that day, and was before long withdrawn. The first-named was probably the best short distance rider of his day, while the latter rider achieved some remarkable successes in long-distance motor-paced races on the Continent.

Fittings on a higher plane