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The magazine tube on the B should be wiped clean of all dirt and grit, and then lubricated lightly with an oiled patch. In case of exports, customs archives could be consulted as well as they would also have noted the serial numbers and destinations. It takes only one small obstruction to cause dangerously increased pressures that can ruin swell or rupture the finest shotgun barrel. After completing steps one through seven, you are ready to install the adapter. Be ready to catch bolt assembly as once it clears receiver it will be free to separate into its three basic components.

Always treat this shotgun with the respect a loaded, ready-to-fire firearm. Do this even though you are certain the firearm is unloaded. Closely supervise newcomers to the shooting sports. Align all components and replace the trigger assembly retaining pin. Make sure the cartridge is pushed past the cartridge stop and that the carrier is free to move.

Replace the forearm cap assembly. Insert the desired cartridge such as a goose load of the same gauge through the ejection port into the chamber. You can use the same gun for multiple shooting conditions merely by changing from one barrel to another with a different choke, length and chamber. It is your responsibility to secure the most up- to-date information on the safe handling procedures of your Browning gun.

Always make certain that your firearm is not dropped from the stand, or dropped while it is being taken up or down from the stand. Browning Oil is also ideal for many other applications including household, automotive, and fishing tackle.

Always treat this shotgunDo this even though