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The Dodgers also had a heated rivalry with the Cincinnati Reds during the s, s and early s. The baseball graphic is wonderful.

Stengel led his Bums to the Polo Grounds for the showdown, and they beat the Giants twice to knock them out of the pennant race. So the two arch-rival teams, the Dodgers and Giants, moved out to the West Coast together after the season. This is a very uncommon style which features the batting Angel baseball graphic in gold, on a navy blue background. Stoneham was considering moving the Giants to Minneapolis, but was persuaded instead to move them to San Francisco, ensuring that the Dodgers had a National League rival closer than St.

After teams began to travel to and from games by air instead of train, it became possible to include locations in the far west. The road jersey also has a red uniform number under the script. The team's legal name was the Brooklyn Base Ball Club. The condition is exceptional with no apparent damage and great color.

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Before long, O'Malley was working to buy new land in Brooklyn for a new, more accessible and better ballpark than Ebbets Field. Regional proximity is behind the rivalries with both the Angels and the Padres. The deeply religious Rickey's motivation appears to have been primarily moral, although business considerations were also a factor.

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