One trick is to sound scientific

Brain gym hook up

The claim that crawling or yawning or jumping or moving your head from side to side can affect, in any important way, neural connections that make learning possible is rubbish. As noted above, one study involved just four adults. The hands should then be drawn in to the breast bone. They call these types of alleged brain coordination laterality, focusing, and centering. Each exercise can be done in a small area in the classroom or at the student's seat.

The claim that crawling or

Students can perform Cross Crawls either sitting or standing. None appear to have been replicated.

Students should repeat this exercise about three times. It is also very expensive.

As noted above one study involved

Dennison in his own words More on Brain Gym nonsense. One hopes that those educators disillusioned with Brain Gym will not be so put off by the approach that they will ignore anything having to do with brain-based education. Brain Gym might address the physical components of learning but there is no scientific support for the claim that the physical activities it teaches have any learning benefit. This program is distinctive because it addresses the physical rather than mental components of learning.

There is no body of science supporting this nonsense, yet it is one of the bases for Brain Gym. The front and back parts of the brain must also be coordinated. This exercise will calm students down and make them ready for other classroom activities.