She should straighten her hair

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We have to accept that some of our white women just prefer them. She looks like she smells. So they are good at fighting sometimes, but they are still skinny and graceful. At the same time as all this dating drama of jerking me around with plans and ghosting on me, an acquaintance who recently came out of the woodwork escalated his harassing texts. She should straighten her hair.

Not having any deadlines is bloodletting my motivation to do other things in life. But, we are classy about it. For those unfamiliar, people suck at planning.

All right, all right, calm down. This eventually led to him calling me emotionally unstable.

And frustrated that nothing had really worked out for me yet. That has more or less spread into my friend social life. They are so used to their baby daddies abandoning them.

It makes me more apt to putting myself out there in other circumstances.

Good for dancing, making music, fucking, and filling our jails. On top of that people just all decided to be dicks on the exact same weekend. Most attractive kind of man, obviously. Or maybe people just suck at planning with strangers.

This eventually led to

Host of Putting Out With Rachel podcast. But it is absolutely how our society has dictated it. One recent weekend, though, I reached the end of my rope with the whole thing. And sincerely, the majority of the people I meet are lovely humans.

Not infatuated or in love just yet. Get close enough so that they can hear you but, ideally, not see you. My burping this was actually not a surprise or a secret to anyone.

People that you would normally never get the chance to interact with or spend time with. Extra points in it if you cover yourself in a cut-out sheet. He also just happened to be a guy who completely cut off all communication the day we were supposed to see each other again. That very night I went on my first date.