Tocoy was located due west of St

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Their territory was known as the Agua Dulce Province. Antonico was succeeded by his nephew, Juan de Contreras, whose mother was evidently the chief of Enacape. Tocoy was located due west of St.

The Tocoy chiefdom established a new town to the east, closer to St. The details of the decline are unclear, but the more devastating warfare and Old World diseases introduced by the Europeans probably contributed.

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Later he refused to aid Saturiwa in an offensive against the Utina, straining relations with him. They occupied an area to the west in what are now Clay and Putnam Counties, and on freshwater lagoons and inlets along the Atlantic coast.

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Some villages in the Acuera Province were missionized years before the main town, and some village chiefs rendered their obedience to the Spanish before the Cacica of Acuera village had done so. The place name Etoniah, derived from Utina, still survives through this area, for instance in Etoniah Creek. The French sources attest that they were part of Utina's confederacy in the s, though Worth notes that the level of control Utina exercised over them is arguable. As such, the villages of the province may have been largely independent and only loosely associated with the main town. However, the Acuera may have been relatively unitegrated.

Augustine and east of the old Utina village. Though some Agua Dulce may have remained, others evidently relocated to Salamototo. In any case he was treated as a powerful figure by the French and Spanish. This engraving supposedly based on an original painting by Jacques le Moyne is unlikely to depict Native American warfare accurately The area had been populated for thousands of years.