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This particular information is relatively new in the field of biology, photomontage artists though most of the current discoveries lie in the realm of gene function and would be included in an upper level course. There is some debate as to the first use of the word biology.

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For example, redox reactions are briefly described, but their value in removing free energy from glucose molecules is given short shrift. Scientists are not ones to dress up language, aiming instead to say things as precisely as possible. The authors did well in presenting multiple controversial topics within numerous sections throughout the book. Try and answer them as best you can before you start reading the chapter.

Figures should be introduced after text throughout each section. The writing was clear and succinct. Authors also mention many ways that biological studies can help society.

It is mostly a long long list of descriptive paragraphs. National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.

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As I would expect, this chapter is organized in a logical, straightforward manner. One inconsistency of note is the use, or lack of use, of graphical phylogenetic hypotheses. It also seems easy enough to omit or shift order to fit one's preferred teaching plan given the clearly titled subdivisions in each chapter. Glossary terms, chapter summaries, and chapter reading questions are a welcome study tool for students.

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Often in printed textbooks the material can be outdated by several years. This textbook is comparable to several widely used college-level textbooks such as Campbell Biology, Biological Science by Freeman et al.

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Not sure this is a major hang up, just something I noticed. The text is relevant, and it should remain so for some time. In approximately pages these offer a solid introduction to structure and physiological function. Bar codes are used in many places for easy conversion as media changes.

Contains detailed visuals Supports flipped classroom method Not suitable for advanced students. Alphabetical arrangement under genera, species, and subspecies. Again, I think this structure is typical for an introductory class. The book takes a historical approach to dealing with protists and is, in that respect, in need of modernization. However, this is offset by links to online resources which allow students to click through the stages of cellular respiration for themselves.

Some of the figures credit the authors, yet the authors are not listed in the reference section of the text, so there is no way to confirm their credibility or to look them up. Plant Anatomy Laboratory Micrographs of plant cells and tissues, with explanatory text. Even when using the material in a different order than presented in the text, it does not affect the continuity and connectedness of the material. Of course this applies to any textbook.

Reading this textbook was remarkably easy and smooth which is much different than the textbooks I remember reading for general biology when I was an undergraduate. For my purposes, the text covers these topics at the right breadth and depth. The small text-box presentations of examples of the scientific method throughout the book were well executed. It was comparable to the similar chapter from a traditional textbook.

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The order in which topics are addressed follows the common approach of building from the simplest level of organization up to the highest level. Necessary and appropriate disciplinary terminology is employed well, and definitions in context are supplemented by end-of-chapter lists of key terms, with definitions. With the thorough index, it should be easy for instructors and students to track sections and subsections.

This reviewer did not notice any jargon being used. The tone of the book seems fairly consistent across chapters.

The three-dimensional shape of a protein determines its function. Objective of this book is to provide light micrographs of the types of cells and tissues that students typically examine in a plant anatomy course. This will probably be apparent especially in the molecular genetics topics.

Reviewed by Joseph Ly, Lecturer, St. Few students know that humans are Opisthokonts and more closely related to Fungi than Fungi are to Plants. His expertise, honed over years of experience, is in the areas of computers, electronics, travel gear, pet products, and kitchen, office and automotive equipment. Most require that students explain or apply a concept from the textbook. Most of the images are clear and appropriately arranged.

This book starts off by discussing the basics of kinetics, using everyday examples. One thing that I would have liked is greater consistency in the figures.

In the sections I plan to use, there is consistency. Microbial Methods in Ecology. Biogeography is the study of the geography of biodiversity.