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The tattoo is the last phrase he wrote to me. Ella is brave and mysterious and resilient and can hold her own against the men. Olivia's Sephardi Jewish great-great-great-great-grandfather, Ralph Bernal-Osborne, was a British Whig politician who was also an actor. But if I declared that I wanted something, they took me seriously. He's a brilliant actor with a brain like lightning.

So I'm happy to play the game. And that is often what it takes when you decide to be an artist. During the year, I would go back to the States, and all year long really couldn't wait to get back to Ardmore. People used to be shocked, when I was blond, that I wasn't stupid.

And I think that's what always kind of helped propel me and take myself seriously is that I had supportive parents that were in no way pressuring me to do anything. It gave me the courage to leave and brought me to the great love of my life.

He said very few words and

Sending love to his family. It proves a harsh and bewildering environment, teeming with marginalized souls. With nowhere to turn, he finds himself adrift on the unforgiving streets of New York City. He was a dear dear friend.

People always laugh at me when I say that. He said very few words and couldn't keep eye contact. Legacy co-star Garrett Hedlund. It is being reprinted in a movie tie-in edition by St. Motherhood is heart-exploding, blissful hysteria.

In summer is when you really grow up. Once owned a Lincoln Continental. We don't really get to work together, the girls, so much.

He was so handsome, and he could dance. It reminds me to love everyone, just as he did. She has a strong following in the U. It's all part of the process, it's a challenge and that is what creates the rewards.

One project, which focuses on the plight of homelessness, had a script and had been in development for a long time. Olivia's mother is American-born. And at the end of the day, I think it makes me slightly less replaceable.

People always laugh at