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The surprising exit was accompanied by

News anchor Giuliana Rancic. His social life doesn't make for good ratings anymore Getty Images Bill is an unabashed native son of Chicago who almost never misses an opportunity to talk up his hometown. In fact, he even deftly used the wiles of the Windy City to woo Giuliana when they first started dating. It was reported that Giuliana was leaving the show in a huff, having supposedly feuded with Maria Menounos, who eventually succeeded her in the role. We constantly strive to make the guest experience better, and I'm always thinking that way about the restaurant, even when I'm not there.

The surprising exit was accompanied by a whiff of scandal. We share a lot, but it's our son. However, that doesn't mean he's loafing around and waiting for Dancing with the Stars to call.

We share a lot but it's

And Bill and I are very open. You'd think by the time you're running your fourth restaurant, you'd know that paying the trash bill is going to be an integral part of the eatery's success. And so, until he has a say, we want to just protect him.

Well, for starters, his fame has almost always been linked to Giuliana's. Here's what the entrepreneur, author, and real estate developer has been up to and the real reason you don't hear from him anymore.

However that doesn't mean he's loafing