Commonly known as Red Anissina

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This form and her skill tends to scare her enemies, and if they ever meet her the second time, they are usually unwilling to fight her again. In the novel there is no note of his appearance changing, while in the manga and anime his eyes become slitted and his hair may grow longer. He often tells jokes which do not suit his age.

Because of this, Wolfram temporarily dies, and Anissina puts him in a special box to keep him alive. She was engaged to Adalbert.

His mother insists that he is named Yuri because he was born in July and it has nothing to do with money or the fact that his father is a banker. When Wolfram temporarily dies, she is devastated and throughout the series she can be seen doing her best to protect her sons without directly interfering. When Gunter was shot with a poisoned arrow containing the Wincott poison, his soul was temporarily housed in an Okiku Doll that flies, shoots lasers from its eyes and has hair that grows naturally. His handsome appearance is so influential, that dying people in the hospital had miraculous recoveries after laying eyes on him. Yuri has a contract with water and uses his magic to create various monster-like shapes, most notably using it to create water dragons.

Historically speaking, this building is considered to be the most precious possession of the town. Murata is now the co-owner and manager of Yuri's grass lot baseball team in the novels. He is also known for his horrible puns. Conrad is only half demon and because of this he is unable to wield demon magic.

She was engaged

Gunter is an odd mixture of manly fighting skills and stereotypical feminine personality, and as such is a comic presence in most episodes. In the novels, it is hinted that this hatred towards humans stems from his late father's prejudice against humans. It's also mentioned that he closely resembles The Original King. According to noble demon culture slapping another noble on his or her left cheek is the way in which noble demons propose marriage. He also spends a lot of time with Yuri's family.

This is never mentioned in the original novels. There is a time in the novels where Julia's influence takes over Yuuri's body and he temporarily loses his eyesight. When he is angry or sad or feels a strong emotion his powers emerge.

Because of this Wolfram