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Fabric has a very important role to play when it comes to your wedding attire. In fact, that is why we sometimes come across couples in which one partner is extremely good-looking compared to the other. While wedding is a one-in-a-lifetime affair when you have to look at your beautiful best, it is also important to keep the money matters in mind. Whether you choose a saree in single bright shade or in multi-coloured hue, wear the colour that makes you happy.

Wedding saree is no different. If you don't smell good, use a perfume. Dance displays your fitness levels, your healthy body shape, your co-ordination skills and your mind's ability to create rhythmic patterns. Everything comes with a price tag. In fact, even humans emit a different kind of odour when they are getting intimate with a potential partner.

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If you hate to use a perfume, then at least eat healthy and workout regularly. This affordability makes it a top favourite among middle-class Bengalis.

Bengali Wedding Rituals Benarasi saree is a native to Benaras Varanasi and is one of the finest sarees available in india. Home gives security and a beautiful home will give thoughts of a beautiful life to anyone.