Bakugan and their Mechtogan

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They also said they had never seen a Mechtogan before and they had been studying them from the ancient texts, meaning that they are very old and ancient. Fabia ensures him that the Battle Brawlers will definitely succeed because the Sacred Orb chose them. He needs the Gate and Key from Titanium Dragonoid and Dan to become whole again alongside Razenoid and possibly become more powerful than Code Eve so he can rule all Bakugan in the world.

Dan says that he has learnt some things over the past few years. Everyone is happy, but suddenly, Drago's Gate appears and is changing color from light to dark constantly. Mag Mel then awaits to take the Key's immense energy and power from Dan, in order to become whole again and achieve his goal. All the Brawlers forgive the differences with Dan who begins to battle against Mag Mel.

Everyone is happy

Shun then asks if he heard right and Marucho starts to cry. Sellon and Anubias appear when the six Mechtogan are summoned and at the nick of time, the rest of the Brawlers arrive. Rafe then asks what is the Gate and Key and Drago say that their not really sure themselves. They are supported by Mechtogan Activators. According to Genesis Dragonoid, Mechtogan are also born from desire to come together with others.

Dan says that he

It is also shown that normal attacks usually do not work on Mechtogan due to their special shield in the anime. He and Dan then activated the Gate and Key. It was revealed by Genesis Dragonoid that this mutation was because of Fury's violent and destructive intentions from being banished to the Doom Dimension. Rafe is suggesting that he should follow Dan, but Dan rejects the idea.