Arthroscopy cost in bangalore dating

Arthroscopy cost in bangalore dating

During procedure Patient will be given anesthetic before the surgery, which might be general, spinal or local depending on the joint location. Arthroscopy provides a long-term solution and in fact partial or complete meniscectomies are fairly common procedures. The Arthroscope is a thin tubular structure that has a camera and light attached to its end which enables the doctor to visualize the interior of the joint through a monitor connected to the camera. This allows the surgeon to determine the type of joint injury and decide on treatment options for recovery from the condition. The patient is physically examined before the surgery.

Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield An award-winning orthopedician. Specializes in medical and surgical management of osteoarthritis and theumatoid arthritis. The doctor should be informed about any medication that the patient may be taking. After the surgery is completed, the arthroscope is withdrawn and the incision is closed with sutures. Has successfully treated several cases of complicated fracture using advanced surgical methods.

Inform the doctor of the medications and supplements, you are presently taking. The doctors might recommend Arthroscopy when there is a persistent joint pain, swelling or stiffness in the joint. It is even more common in our part of the world since Asians are more prone to it due to various anatomical reasons. Meniscus procedures The menisci are cartilaginous tissues in the knee which act as shock absorbers between the upper and lower leg. Arthroscopy is surgical procedure, which is used to diagnose and treat problems within the joint.

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The doctor should be informed about any medical conditions or ailments of the patient. The main advantage of Arthroscopy surgery is the minimal incision requirement for diagnoses and has a faster recovery rate than the open surgery procedure. This also prevents contracture of the surrounding tissues. In this arthroscopic procedure the surgeon uses bone-patella tendon or hamstring tendons to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament. Surgeries like joint and knee replacement and arthroplasty procedures are his expert areas.

Manipal Northside Hospital Has rich experience in treatment of injuries occurring due to excessive indulgence in sports. The most common type of arthroscopic surgery include removal of loose debris, trimming of damaged cartilage, removal or repair of a torn meniscus, and ligament reconstruction. The patient is required to do some blood and urine tests. The patient should stop smoking some weeks prior to the surgery to recover quickly.

After adequate anesthesia is achieved, the procedure can begin. An incision is made on the side of the joint to be examined and the arthroscope is inserted into the incision. These may include infection, blood clots, problems with anesthesia, etc. Hosmat Hospital Has rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of various disorders of muslces, bones, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Once the problem in the location is identified, small tools are inserted through the incisions to rectify this issue. Madan has experience of treating sports injuries, slipped disc issues, knee and shoulder complications, lower back pain etc. The type of anesthesia is chosen depending on the joint that is being treated and the health of the patient. Malathi Manipal Hospital Jayanagar He is most recognized for surgical areas like arthroscopy, therapy process for spinal disorders, knee replacement, knee osteotomy, etc.

Ajith Prabhu specializes in the field of management of poly trauma. Loose Body removal Loose bodies can be formed in the knee, following diseases of the sinovium or cartilage injuries. Certain medication that the patient has been taking may be stopped two weeks before the surgery. The patient is put into local or general anesthesia.

Ajith Prabhu specializes in the field

Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal His areas of special interest include primary and revision surgeries for joint replacement, trauma and emergency orthopedic areas. Understand that arthroscopic surgery is a surgical procedure and involves risks. Preserving the meniscus is very important in order to prevent early degeneration of the joint arthritis. The doctor should be informed if the patient has been drinking more than one or two drinks of alcohol in a day. You might have to follow an exercise or rehabilitation program as instructed by the doctor or physical therapist for faster recovery.