Celeste further lost out to Palmer

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Celeste narrowly lost out to Brittney Palmer who became the first person other than Celeste to win the award. Well, her photos are eye-catching while it keeps every other profile dwellers drooling over her pictures.

Incredibly Revealing Photo Shoot It turns

Celeste further lost out to Palmer. The first episode featured a new photo shoot with Celeste. There was blaming and counter blaming between the couple about their fight.

Celeste agreed, provided that he found a date for her friend. She is of Filipino and Mexican descent.

Incredibly Revealing Photo Shoot It turns out not only her love life but her professional life also make a buzz in the media. That also proved impossible, so Cordova and Celeste sponsored their own event, which doubled as a fundraiser for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

That also proved impossible

This time she faced competition from Rachelle Leah and Brittney Palmer. Palmer was the favourite as she had won for the past two years and hoped to make it a third. However, Celeste was unable to appear due to her schedule, so the plan changed to attending another dance. The couple was photographed enjoying each other's company with hands on each other's waist, indicating that their relationship was a bit more than just friends. She recently dropped incredibly revealing pictures of herself making the media buzz.