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If an editor is unable to find enough appropriate images he is required to create enough to fill the quota or his article will be deleted. Asuka, Hikari, Sakura Suzuhara She clapped with joy, pigtails bouncing, and he turned in horror and saw it.

Wales had their part too, using their secret Swiss account so that the sum of all human knowledge would remain in safe hands. Anne of Green Gables has the long, braided pigtails hanging down variant. It may sometimes be difficult for people to tell if certain creators are making a genuine statement of canon or not. If the work is taken allegorically, however, the subject is man, either gaining or losing merit through his freedom of will, subject to the justice of being rewarded or punished.

When the word does not come from the original creators but over time is still treated as such it is Word of Dante. After her makeover in the Emerald City she wears her hair down with a bow instead, but the pigtails have become far more iconic. Dark Chaos keeps updates on his works and answers questions about the story. It was initially stated by the creators that Michael burned to death.

Note the wanker to the left. Naturally, Ore Twintail Ni Narimasu is full of this trope. Comic Books A Wizard magazine interview with then-current Avengers writer Kurt Busiek and artist George Perez asked each one to convey a Word of God factoid that nobody else could provide. It turns into an Idiot Hair when she becomes becomes Trigger-chan. Although the wiki concept encourages everyone to offer contributions, it's understood that very few people are as clever as the editors.

Asuka Hikari Sakura Suzuhara She