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She does, but admits on camera that it was not genuine. During the roast, it was revealed that Hotlanta had bump on her lip.

Everyone comes down, but Flav notices Myammee is not there. The costume ends up being too tight on Bunz, causing the audience was see her butt, and she was only wearing a thong. Instead, Flav eliminated El, Tik, and St.

Flav later finally talked to Myammee. Try dirty sex, naughty webcam girls, fuck sexy girls, or maudlin plans to phone for sex. There's one clock left and it comes down to Ice, Myammee, and Rayna.

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In the final competition Prancer and Myammee faced of having to rescue a Flav dummy from the pool and put it on a medical cot. Flavor Flav of the rap group Public Enemy is the bachelor looking for love.