Dana returns to being a housewife

Andy and louise dating after divorce

After she finds out Nancy received the benefit on Peter's life insurance money, Valerie demands that Nancy pay her the money, as Valerie believes she is truly entitled to it. He discovers that he is in love with Nancy, who does not reciprocate his feelings. Till notes that is unusual given his standing in Esteban's organization.

Before she has the chance to take a shot at them, Dean saves them. Katie and Robert become embroiled in a feud with Robert trying to sabotage the wedding.

Andy's relationship with Kerry comes to

They are depicted as having a good fit generally. He is found by his brother Robert, who agrees to help him take down Chrissie.

Andy's relationship with Kerry comes to an end after Sarah and Jack are left in danger when Kerry gets drunk and drops a cigarette, starting a fire. He has a deep love of international food.

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At the end of season five, Pilar makes Nancy an overt threat against Silas and Shane. Debbie discovers she is pregnant and Andy is delighted, while Cameron feels left out but believes the baby was a result of artificial insemination. Although his performance art attracts her and wins her love, he switches to study engineering so they can settle into a typical middle-class lifestyle. Eventually, she discovers that Nancy is a pot dealer and uses this information as blackmail against Nancy so she does not have to work as much.