Lita has naturally brunette hair

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She was known for being not only beautiful but tough, as well. In real life they were dating. After returning to the United States, Dumas began functioning as a valet on the self-governing route.

Dumas was introduced to experienced person wrestler Dory Funk, Jr. She started working with Punk at the beginning of her career.

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Punk recently retired from wrestling to try his hand at mixed martial arts. This made Lita become a villain for the first and only time in her career.

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Off-screen, at this time, Dumas had been involved with Matt Hardy romantically, but began a relationship with Adam Copeland Edge. Temporarily, Funk and his spouse compiled video recording of Dumas and sent it to the World Wrestling alliance. She has ideal body size giving her sexy curves and a hot body. At one point or another, he seemed to be romantically linked to just about every female wrestler.

She is known for her extreme wrestling style with The Hardy Boys. She was first introduced to the world of professional wrestling by her brother, Steve Corino, a veteran of the wrestling world who was working for Extreme Champion Wrestling at the time. Wrestler Lita is a retired American professional wrestler.