Amrita arora dating

Amrita arora dating

For all the buzzing scoop from the world of entertainment. Arbaaz Khan, Giorgia Andriani, Amrita Arora and Sanjay Kapoor are all smiles to the cameras and it looks like they've had one helluva time together. Though we've spotted Arbaaz Khan and Giorgia Andriani together at several occasions, they have not confirmed on their relationship yet and we wonder if they'll make it official soon.

One day Tanya sneaks into Rahul's

In the end Rahul and Sapna visit Tanya's grave. They were pictured laughing and having a good time together and looking at the pictures, it feels like Giorgia's personality is friendly and anyone can get connected to her in an instant.

Tanya and Sapna share a relationship which is more than just being friends. Tanya who is also a kick boxing champion has a fight with a male boxer who she badly beats. Also, Arbaaz Khan's son Arhaan was present during the outing and even his ex sister-in-law, Amrita Arora, joined the couple at the weekend gateway along with her husband Shakeel Ladak. Sapna arrives only to find Tanya covered in blood and Rahul lying on the ground however Rahul regains consciousness and electrocutes Tanya. One night, Rahul is injured when a mysterious kick boxer attacks him.

Arbaaz Khan introduced Giorgia Andriani to hs ex sister-in-law Amrita Arora and the duo bonded in an instant.

One day Tanya sneaks into Rahul's house and starts beating him badly. Giorgia is very camera-friendly and doesn't shy away from striking a pose. Tanya has strong feelings for Sapna and is quite possessive about her.

Arbaaz Khan's Son Arhaan Also, Arbaaz Khan's son Arhaan accompanied his father during the outing and we're sure that all of them had a really good time. Also, Arbaaz and Giorgia were spotted once again last weekend at a popular restaurant in Mumbai and this time, they didn't shy away from the cameras, but rather posed happily. Tanya regains her consciousness and runs towards Rahul to try and throw him out of the window, Rahul steps aside and Tanya falls from the window and dies. They too posed for the cameras and Giorgia can be seen smiling and waving at the shutterbugs.

Giorgia is very camerafriendly and doesn't

The Pretty Giorgia Andriani Giorgia Andriani has the looks that kill and all eyes are on the couple as to when will they tie the knot. Also, just yesterday, Sanjay Kapoor hosted a party at his residence and invited the lovebirds Arbaaz Khan and Giorgia Andriani and even Amrita Arora was present. Rahul comes in Sapna's life and both of them fall in love with each other. Tanya never liked men from the very beginning. They look like they're made for each other.