Well, the troubles are legion

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It unveils the various guilts Alexander felt toward his father much more deeply - for instance his chase of Darius. Richard Burton contributes a serious and impassioned portrayal. It is not just a simple chase to kill the Emperor of the Persian Empire.

Enter your email address and we'll send you instructions on how to access your account. At this juncture, Alexander claims the loyalty of all Macedonians and assumes the titles of his father. They got me very frightened at the length, and they finally wore me down. This is done to prevent Olympias from spreading rumors about her husband's death. It is an important element, and has become increasingly more important in what is known as Western Civilization.

After the battle is won, Alexander demands that no Greek city-state ever bear arms against Pella and that they supply men, arms, and ships for the war against Persia. Well, the troubles are legion. Perhaps that degree of self-determination is behind the long-winded speechifying that usually enervates Alexander the Great after yet another wide-screen battle sequence has set it ablaze. Pretty sad considering Alexander conquered Europe and Asia.

Actually, it's a much better picture in three hours than it is in two hours and twenty minutes, precisely for one reason. Most critics at the time expressed the same sentiment. Rossen was clearly fascinated by his subject.

We will march to the end of the world. Remind Me Alexander the Great Robert Rossen's Alexander the Great is one of the more ambitious films of the s, a labor of love for Rossen, who wrote, directed, and produced it.

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He marries Roxane at Susa, but falls ill soon after. Rossen was one of the few big-time s filmmakers to largely break free of studio constraints. It seems to take Robert Rossen almost as long to recreate on film this slice of history. In the process, he revealed himself to be a thoughtful man of passionate beliefs. Put simply, Alexander the Great is a colossal bore.

He tells the Macedonians that the Treaty of Corinth still stands. An email regarding your password change has been sent to your email address. We have not verified that the email belongs to you. The chase for Darius is tied up with his tremendous feeling that as long as a father figure is alive in royalty, he has to kill him. They cut it about - played down to the audience.