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Interestingly, Asin used to be known as Salt Of the Earth. Then again, I just might come out with a set of all-new material altogether if the funding comes along. It has always been my dream to do a covers album but because of funding problems it has been a challenge to do one. There are fast notes and slow notes. You need to feel the music running through the fretboard.

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Fairly recently, I would dare say that my Beatles set at Last Home was one of my best in recent years because I got to focus on playing and enjoying the music with my audience. From Santana to Keith Richards. It was in a small bar along Katipunan.

He still has to come out with records to sell to get by. For one thing, this string magician never repeats the cover songs that comprise his acoustic set list preferring as he does to focus on what the moment will bring. It would draw a lot of raves and props every time I perform it.

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Analyze each chord pattern. When will it officially be released? But he liked it so much so that he went out of his way to sponsor the studio time that allowed me to post it on YouTube. My goal is expression not to create an impression. Or to put it another way, every time I play I imagine there is a gap that I leave between two cliffs.

What was your first guitar? That gap is essentially the space for my live experimentation. May I just add that I never harbored any ill feelings towards my folks because they just wanted me to finish college.

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That is a very tough question laughs in amusement. It is as if he Aurillo is drawing, or performing magic card tricks. If you move the root, the chord is essentially transformed. He fired back with answers that would definitely intrigue and win you over.

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He can play from rock to blues, from jazz to classical, from folk to pop music. Listen to what your heart is saying from within and follow that voice. Learn how to transpose those chords.

One doing bass duties, another taking care of the lead and a third in charge of the rhythm section. Eventually, I got to jam with Boy Katindig covering jazz staples. There is a third sense that the comparison to a gardener suits Aurillo to a T. The Michael Jackson medley was actually my first YouTube upload. That is all it takes for his storytelling to unfurl.

The notes that you play collectively form the car that you drive on the road. Thankfully, Mr Echauz came along. Tell us more about the album.

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The former is about techniques and impressing people. To be sure, much has been written on him by veteran chroniclers of the local music scene. When I play I want to jump from a very high cliff and let the wind take me where I will run safely. Do you have a Holy Grail of guitars? What I do is learn songs and listen to everything and I mean everything.

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We used to alternate with them at the Bodega. Influence is really a tricky thing. His best musical performances, it must be noted, are not confined to medleys. You have to be able to figure out whether you want to specialize in jazz or rock or pop or like me in virtually all music genres. You have become famous for your acoustic guitar medleys.

But regardless of how many came to watch me play I make sure my audience of say, one table enjoys. None of the stuff you hear me play is premeditated. The funny thing is that I actually consider my performance of that medley at Mag-net as my worst live version.

In this country and in many parts of the globe, however, there is a risk for following your heart. How did you become a local guitar god, so to speak? The improvisations and ad libs that I perform are like the bridge that would enable me to move from one cliff to the next. None of the songs in the album are note-for-note replications of the original.

Echauz because they were his personal favorites among the cover songs I perform live. Who are your guitar heroes? You need to have a gift to compose such well-thought out novelty songs. Most likely within the next couple of months. If you let go of trying to meditate, you will be able to meditate.

How long does it take you to come up with medleys like the Michael Jackson tribute medley or the Pinoy Classic Rock medley? In that Beatles set I was able to jump and build bridges in between cliffs over and over again from start of the set to the last song. How many guitars do you own? Thankfully, dating a redhead quotes and cartoons the same album will be released soon by Universal Records.

Any plans to re-issue these self-produced albums in the near future? My parents never gave me a guitar. From half-empty bars to jam-packed concert venues.