Try hooking it up to an air source

Airbrush hook up

When you're setting your

Turn on the air compressor and spray some paint on a sheet of newspaper by pressing the airbrush trigger. It can also permanently harm your airbrush. Compressors can be bought at the hardware store.

Once you turn on the compressor, it begins compressing with a piston, and then, most likely stores it in a tank. You get a never-ending supply of air, for a one-time fee.

When you're setting your air pressure, keep your airbrush handy, so you can release the air pressure from the regulator. They also will occasionally spurt out some cold material that can mess up your finish badly, which makes for an unhappy modeler. Generally, thin the paint with the correct thinner type until the consistency of milk. Compressors are by far the best deal.

Almost all paints, regardless of their base, need to be thinned so they will run through an airbrush correctly. Some airbrushes have hoses that are permanently attached to the airbrush itself. Keeping all of this in mind, for hobby paints, you need a consistent psi pounds per square inch to create a great finish. Typically, the end of the hose with the small fitting attaches to the airbrush itself, while the end with the large fitting secures to the air compressor. Anyways, Tank pressure tells you how much pressure is in the tank.

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Your compressor will start and stop as you airbrush. This information can be determined by consulting the airbrush owner's manual. The other guage allowed me to set the pressure going out to the hose and brush. Your airbrush should have a screw- like attachment on the flipside of the air button.

Practice using the airbrush on newspaper until you are comfortable using it on the project of your choosing. First, make sure it is thoroughly mixed.

Turn off the air compressor. Certain airbrushes are geared toward certain kinds of paint. But, I worry about the attachment to your compressor.

Paint buildup can hinder your painting ability. Newspaper Video of the Day Attach the airbrush hose to an air compressor. Your local welding supply store may carry these. Here is a comparison of the basic breakdown of all major components between a single and double action. You don't really need to worry much about that one.