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His own short tenure as chancellor had been a failure, so now he hoped to gain power through the Nazis. Germany was the worst sufferer as it had to pay huge compensation for the war.

During s, serious economic depression effected the entire Europe badly. Interestingly, popes have consistently refused to excommunicate the worst of war criminals, even when fellow Catholics have appealed for such action to be taken. So to be a true foot step follower a person would need to model their life after Jesus Christ. Interestingly, if you read Hitlers rise to power you can gain more incite as to his involvement in Catholicism. Account of his diabolic and history's worst ever cruel rule, his crime against the humanity is a separate issue.

Interestingly popes have consistently refused toDuring s serious economic

The point being, is that many people have been baptised at birth into a religion then leave to live an immoral life, or go to church yet do not apply the bible teachings. Going to church makes you no more a Christian, Than standing in a garage makes you a car. He himself was made vice-chancellor and was used by Hitler to win the support of Catholic sections of Germany. Hitler along with others were thrown in prison, and the Nazi party was declared ban. That being said, I consider myself to be a christian, not by birth, but conversion and by actions.

According to historians, von Papen envisioned a new Holy Roman Empire. If you are interested i will tell. This is in brief, an account of the rise of Hitler and his Nazi party.

It gave him the first moral support he had received from the outer world, and this from the most exalted source. Within two months of gaining power, Hitler dissolved parliament, dispatched thousands of opposition leaders to concentration camps, and began an open campaign of oppressing the Jews.