Accomodating policy

Accomodating policy

However, this is not a perfect world, and students are often denied the accommodations they desperately need. When she was able to get out of bed, she would purge between classes but still have to show up to her next class because she did not have any more excused absences. Instead, they must look toward health care providers in town.

On the day of one of her finals, Anne passed out on her way to turn in the test. It should not take passing out during a final to be allowed to miss class. Absence policies need to be more relaxed. Those who are often sick, have a disability or a mental illness are disproportionately affected by such policies. These policies vary wildly between and even within departments.

The closest place that accepts her Illinois-based health insurance is half an hour away.

Not to mention, some students do not even have health insurance. It seems to give a certain amount of leeway for emergencies. Many other out-of-state and even in-state students are in the same position. The absence policies force students to go to class instead of looking after themselves.

Many professors allow students to have a number of absences that equals a week of class. So, if a class meets three times a week, each student is allowed to have three absences. Instead, any additional funds are invested in the stock market, pushing up stock prices. When businesses can easily borrow money, they have more funds to expand operations and hire more workers, which means that the unemployment rate will decrease.

Many professors allowSo if a class meets three

During her sophomore year, she had an eating disorder. In a perfect world, this would be a perfect solution. Considering the unfair way absence policies affect certain populations of students, something needs to be done. To increase the supply of money in the economy, the Federal Reserve can also purchase Treasuries on the open market to infuse capital into a weakening economy. She had to be taken to the emergency room and, since she is uninsured, is still paying off the bill.

Only after passing out cold in class was she allowed to receive accommodations. On the other hand, people and businesses tend to save less when the economy is stimulated due to the low savings interest rates offered by banks. Maybe this story is not the norm, but the fact that anyone had to go through this shows there is a problem with the way things are done. The validity of their illness-based absences should not be based on their ability to pay exorbitant medical care prices. Students who have previously had to miss class for illness-related reasons are forced to either come to class sick or to lose points for missing more class.

College students are adults and need to learn to make their own decisions. It punishes students who most need support. However, upon second glance, absence policies are unfair to many students. When money is easily accessible through banks, the money supply in the economy increases.