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Or think of something else. In other words, whether you assume that the planet is billions of years old or if you believe that the earth is thousands of years old, carbon dating still works in both situations. In several documented situations when carbon dating ran contrary to common scientific assumptions, the results were only an anomaly if the world were billions of years old.

There are Shroud researchers who have reached this exact same conclusion based upon their study of the Shroud of Turin. One particularly interesting theory shows that the majority of the world has a single large land mass. Several scholars have written about why the carbon dating result for the Shroud is incorrect, the most convincing being by Raymond Rogers.

The challenge is that it operates under a set of assumptions. Call me biased and balanced, I guess. The days were measured at per year prior to the flood and eventually the calendars were shifted to the current day model. However, it is possible to conclude that given the proven connection between the cloths, the carbon dating result for the Shroud of Turin is incorrect. The strong similarities between the Sudarium and the Shroud, mean the Sudarium now has a high probability of also being authentic.

Scientific Assumptions There are two major assumptions that are impossible to prove or disprove. If the earth were thousands of years old, the results of these tests would have fit in perfectly. The Review is an international magazine published by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

For more information on cosmic rays and half-life, as well as the process of radioactive decay, see How Nuclear Radiation Works. When the neutron collides, a nitrogen seven protons, seven neutrons atom turns into a carbon atom six protons, eight neutrons and a hydrogen atom one proton, zero neutrons. The Genesis Flood tells of a planet that was much more rich in life than it is today. The reality is that the science is rather elegant in its function. It was believed for two centuries that it was an absolute constant, but scientists have recently discovered that it fluctuates based upon several different factors.

There are Shroud researchers