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America s Best Dance Crew (season 4)

They then had to perform to the song and demonstrate how much they knew about Michael Jackson's moves in their performance. Each crew had to create a story through dance in the movie challenge.

After this performance, there were controversies by some fans of the show throughout the internet. The Poreotix style of dancing consist of popping, choreography, and robotics which put together makes the crew name Poreotics and a touch of comedy into the mix. Poreotix made their music with the video game feeling. The nine new crews chose songs that best showcased their talent in the season premiere.

America s Best Dance Crew (season 4)

Omarion said this is what he has been waiting this whole season of Poreotix, saying they had a great performance. After a box split and locking solo by Hok, Victor Kim performed a hollowback into an invert. It's About To Get Craze-y! They were one of the crews to be saved by the judges.

Ryan was eliminated in the fourth week of season one. Each dance crew was partnered with a charity organization. Hok was familiar with tutting and Ryan Conferido knew how to thread so the crew depended on them to work on those sections.


The judges complimented their performance and Shane complimented D-Trix Dominic Sandoval on having the cleanest air flares on the show. After America voted, Poretix was saved from the double elimination. On The Live Season Finale, they were crowned the new champions. Yuri Tag was singled out for making a mistake during the performance.

At the end of the performance, D-Trix pushed Steve Terada who was in the middle of a vertical back flip sideways over Hok and Victor, and ended with the Quest Crew Salute. The final four crews had to incorporate magic in their routine. Originally, Dominic was supposed to do the solo, performing fouettes into airflares, but injured his shoulder in rehearsal.

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Ultimately, Kaba Modern was saved by the judges. The judges each picked three crews that complemented each other and their dance styles. They incorperated a giant game console prop in the routine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Team members originally performed with the SickStep dance troupe, but later disbanded to recreate and include dancers to form Quest.

Steve and Victor were both eliminated in the choreography rounds. The five remaining crews put their own spins on popular dance crazes. The crew relied on him to deliver those heavy blow ups.

This was also the first season to showcase crews from three regions, instead of the usual four. The judges gave the group high marks. The saved crew was Status Quo. America's Best Dance Crew. The crew dressed in a new attire, and performed to the track but the routine was never taped.

Every crew had to dance on the same set, which was set up as a street in an urban neighborhood. Each crew was given a music video with a different dance component to emulate while keeping their own style as a crew. On the start of the national competition, each crews was given a monster hit song, vanakkam palamurai sonnen song where they have to use the song for inspiration for this weeks performance.

ABDC Season 8 Episode 1

Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf ft. The performance received a standing ovation from the judges and audience.

The remaining three crews had to master dance styles from the last five decades. The crew chose to perform to a master mix of Got Money by Lil Wayne feat.

The song included Ryan Conferido's own piano piece. To kick the show off, each crew performed to songs of their own choosing. Broadway style dancers performed for the crews and taught them the dances.

However, Shane Sparks thought there were many moments in their performance where they killed the show and praised them. For the Last Chance Challenge, each crew got to work with producer Swizz Beatz to make their encore performance music.


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This challenge was performed to a master mix of Kevin Rudolf ft. The two finalists were given one last chance to perform before the lines opened for the final voting session of the season.