Tiger's patience runs out

A siberian tiger and goat being friends before dating

Tigers there are fed on live food all year round yet Amur refused to eat goat Timur. In a matter of mere weeks, he's undergone more dramatic changes than most goats do in an entire lifetime. They were very real, and left Timur with infected wounds. Amur's patience in this situation amazes me.

In a matter of

Between the increased attendance and the numerous movie deals, Timur has more monetary worth than he did when he was a nameless goat being used as live food. Out of all the uncertainty, there's probably no one in greater confusion than poor Timur, the goat who has gone from food to friend to internationally recognized commodity. For weeks, the Siberian tiger had shown no aggression at all.

Tigers there are fed on live

The inseparable pair have turned into a huge tourist attraction at the park in the Russian Far East. Meanwhile, Primorsky Safari Park is cashing in on the friendship.

Then he lay down to rest again. The goat is unfazed but the tiger jumps back as if fearing the goat will butt him with his horns. It shows a tense, albeit natural, moment between Timur and Amur.

Dmitry Mezentsev Footage shows forlorn goat limping away in pain through the deep snow. After momentary anger at the goat for coming too close, the tiger is seen pawing his friend. Timur takes Amur for an alpha male, and follows it everywhere.

Dmitry Mezentsev The goat was originally pushed into the tiger's compound as the big cat's lunch, but instead the pair became best friends. Dmitry Mezentsev Several days ago, Primorsky Safari Park admitted separating the tiger and goat but failed to explain that an attack - predicted by many - had happened. Dmitry Mezentsev And for weeks he has insisted that the bonding was so strong that there was no longer a threat to the courageous goat.