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However, he had once mentioned about his affair in an interview. The only relationship that Hammer has ever mentioned about in an interview was with his girlfriend, which was during his educational stint at the University of Hartford. He has not yet revealed any of his relationships and it is hard to know if he is dating someone or has a girlfriend. All these reports, no matter how entertaining they are, appear to be nothing but just rumors by the desperate public interested in Hammers undisclosed personal life. There is also the rumor that he has an affair with his ten co-anchor of Showbiz Tonight, Brooke Anderson.

Hammer has always maintained about his personal life. He has also been the spokesperson for the promotional tour of Milton Bradley's Planet Hollywood board game. There is no information on his early life and family. Married and Personal life A. Hammer also posed in the October issue of Gym magazine.

If the rumor is true, he might have a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend. However, Hammer has not spoken about the rumor. He seems to be genuinly unaffected by all these rumors and prefers to leave them the way they are. He was also rumored to be in a relationship with Wendy.

His twitter profile has a photograph with Wendy, just as a friend and has no indication of any serious relationship with her. He was seen wearing wedding ring. The questions about his birth and growing up have not been answered yet.

Hammer Early Life and Education A. He has a great number of followers in his Twitter account and he keeps them updated with his frequent tweets.

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He has worked for Sirus Satellite Radio and has served as the host of several of its programs. Hammer is that he is married to Wendy Williams. He graduated from there in and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy.

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Hammer has somehow managed to keep his personal life completely out of media glare. For his undergraduate education, he attended the University of Hartford. American television and radio personality, A. He has a great height and a matching personality that can captivate a lot of female hearts. So, it adds to the fact that he was a Jewish by religion.

Hammer prefers to keep his personal life away from the scrutiny of the media. The rumor says that he is planning the divorce with is wife to enjoy new life but there is no any verified source for the news.